About Gorilla Graffiti

Our company started with the advertising business in 2001. When our customers wanted their name on more items for recruiting and shows, we began using contractors to provide printing, signs, and apparel. One of our contractors, The Stitchery, wanted to sell, leave Des Moines and retire. We were excited at the chance to own an embroidery shop with such great employees and an established reputation in Urbandale. We purchased the Stitchery in 2005 and moved them with us in Waukee to our warehouse, just off Alices Road.

The Corporate world started changing their advertising strategies when the stock market dropped in 2007 and 2008. We transformed our business to suit the needs of our economy.

We began purchasing more embroidery machines. We started a screen printing campaign by donating shirts to Waukee High School. Then, more detailed shirts were wanted with pictures and graphics, so we began direct-to-garment print. With our increase in equipment and customer base, our need for space was growing, too.

We wanted to stay in Waukee. We love the community and location. Fortunately, a double warehouse became available just north of Highway 7. We took the next step in growing Gorilla Graffiti. We moved all our equipment to NE Venture Drive. Now we have Jimmy Johns just in front of us to get lunch each day. We then purchased a large automated machine to offer even more screen printing, after we settled in.

Gorilla Graffiti is still here in Waukee, Iowa to serve all our local and national customers.
We can sew anything you can get a needle through, and we have. We can screen print one to several hundred shirts a day. We can format those special pictures on a shirt for your walks, fund raisers, or graduation memories with our direct-to-garment.

Come see us at 75 NE Venture Drive. Just because we close the doors each night, it does not mean we have stopped working for the day.

Call us at 515-987-6135 or fax us at 515-987-2947.

E-mail any one of our staff.

Lisa in pricing, sales, and delivery is lisa@gorillagraffiti.net
Carolyn in digitizing and embroidery is carolyn@gorillagraffiti.net
Heather in design and direct-to-garment is heather@gorillagraffiti.net
Paul in charge of screen printing and set up is paul@gorillagraffiti.net
Doug trying to stay in charge of all of us is doug@gorillagraffiti.net
We look forward to working with you.

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